5 Men's Wearable Promotional Products for the Office and Beyond

  • Jun 15, 2024


It’s fun giving out promotional products like fidget spinners and stress balls, but sometimes you need an option for the guy that likes to keep it a bit more professional. These business casual promotional products for men are great for an office setting and for out in the field where they represent the brand. They also work for employee incentives if you want to encourage your employees to dress the part. 

1. Messenger Bag

We’re working in a digital world, but that doesn’t mean our actual tools have disappeared into the cloud. In a lot of ways, we are what we carry…and we carry a lot. Laptops, tablets, phone chargers, writing instruments, and notebooks all get tucked nicely away in messenger bags and briefcases. Wouldn’t it be nice if your brand was featured on this bag? Then you become the guardian of the important things in a guy’s life. And that makes you a business to be trusted.


2. Silk Tie


A silk tie like this can be a nice way to elevate the everyday combo of oxford shirt and trousers. Employees appreciate these ties because they are classy and make them proud to work for a company with taste. Customers will dig these because they let other people know that they are valued by the brand (which they should be!). 


3. Polo


A branded polo is perfect for the business casual office, the weekend barbeque, and just about any situation where a human being does not require warm forearms. This is what a lot of employees are going to wear during the summer and spring, so they are a perfect canvas for expanding your brand.


4.  Knit Socks

Looking for a statement branding piece? How about socks? Remember that guy that walked into the office the other day wearing a subtle outfit, but he had those amazing black and red striped socks? That was cool. It’s okay, you stared. It’s normal. Socks have become a platform to rebel against the monotony of solid suits. Get your brand on these bad boys and watch as your customers rep your business in style.


5. Briefcase

We started with a bag, so let’s finish with a bag. Go for a sporty, color-block briefcase and you’ll see that heads turn to the bag. And that’s where they’ll find your logo. We already covered why people love bags. And we know now why you will love them, too. Getting your brand some serious quality time with your customers will increase your presence and can really help grow your business. 

Looking for more business casual and office-friendly promotional products for men? We have plenty of ideas. Reach out to us and we can review these products and more.


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